Angel Ariel Package


  • ​Full Body Hot Stone Massage or Full Body Massage
  • Dry brushing Lower Leg
  • Light Lunch
  • R500.00 per person


Angel Uriel Package

Choose any 5 treatments


Full Body Massage

Indian Head Massage

Hand Dry brush and Massage

Foot Dry brush and Massage

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage

Back Dry Brush

Full Body Hot Stone Massage

Light Lunch

R1000.00 per person

Angel Gabriel Package

  • ​Full Body Swedish Massage
  • Dry Brushing Hands and Massage
  • Dry Brushing Feet and Massage
  • Light Lunch
  • R650.00 per person



Angel Raphael Package


  • Full Body Swedish Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Hand Dry Brushing and Massage
  • Foot Dry Brushing and Massage
  • Light Lunch
  • R800.00 per person

Angel Michael Package

Welcome Drink

Full Body Aroma Therapy Massage

Back Dry Brush

Coffee Break

Indian Head Massage

Reflexology Massage and Dry Brushing

Hand Massage and Dry Brushing

Light Healthy Meal

Use of swimming pool

R1200.00 per person