We offer a wide range of Massages. Massage is highly therapeutic and is recognised as the oldest form of Physical Medicine known to man. At Angels Retreat we have taken this concept and incorporated healing with touch with absolute relaxation. The benefits are endless. Choose the treatment that best suits your needs. All massages have contra indication, please discuss any health issues when making your booking to ensure that you get the right treatment for you.


Things you should know when coming for your massage:

  1. ​We respect your privacy and will never massage you on any area that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  2. We do not massage any area that a Bikini would cover.
  3. We do not take Male clients alone, all males to be accompanied by a lady friend for massage therapy
  4. During Winter Months we have heated beds
  5. Dress comfortable and remember to shave those legs ladies
  6. You should never be in pain during a relaxation massage, for therapeutic and Thai Yoga Massage pain is part of the therapy but you must be able to breathe throughout your session with ease.
  7. For certain health cases you will receive aftercare information, use this to extend the benefit of your massage
  8. Massage for Healing / pain relief or alternative therapy should be done at least once a week to reap the benefits, here we offer special price structures as you are a regular return client

Pregnancy and Massage at Angels Retreat:

If you are more than 12 WEEKS pregnant and in good health you are more than welcome to book a Pregnancy Massage with us. The same rates and options apply as for the Swedish Massages. Please note that we do not let you lay down on your tummy, we treat you in a very special and comfortable way. Should you be unsure please contact the spa for more information regarding Pregnancy massages that are available.

If you received Artificial Insemination or you have a difficult pregnancy please consult your OB first and book your appointment from 16 weeks onwards